Robinson Toms Recruitment Job Reference:: 2498
Job Title:: Equipment Specialist ( Asset Manager ) - middle ticket bank asset finance Central London - salary range up to 70,000 + all bank benefits
Location:: London
Salary:: Salary range up to 60,000 initially plus all usual bank benefits

Our client a major bank with a fast growing middle ticket asset finance business are seeking an Equipment Specialist ( Asset Manager ) to join its UK team .

You will report to the Head of Asset Management & have a dotted line into the UK Head of Risk.

The full job description is available to share with appropriately skilled applicants on receipt of a detailed CV but a summary of the key responsibilities of the role are below.



2.1 Objective of the Function

In accordance with the plans established by Asset Management, the jobholder provides insight into the market and optimises revenue and profit based on asset sales and contract renewals, so as to ensure the lowest possible lease terms and maximum sales revenues and profits from assets and contract renewals.

2.2 Results and Core Activities

Deal-specific changes in residual values (ETM)
Provides insight into changes in residual values in deal-specific cases which form an exception to the Residual Value Matrix (RVM) in order to promote the lowest possible lease terms and the highest possible sales.
-Builds and maintains a domestic and international network of appraisers, auctioneers,
suppliers and dealers.
-Sets clear the application related to the deal-specific case and proactively sets out to find any missing information.
-Relates the application from the customer to information from his/her network and makes an estimate of the changes in residual value.

Sales transactions

Ensures an optimum sales process in the event of early termination or completion/renewal of contracts, in compliance with the legal parameters and guidelines set by ( our client ) . Objective to optimise the proceeds and profits from asset sales and contract renewals.
-Monitors specific expiring contracts.
-Tracks trends in the national and international markets and in relation to sales channels and notes when specific assets can be sold at a good price.
-Builds and maintains a domestic and international network of suppliers, traders and
end users and determines the value of the assets.
-Develops a feel for the interests of the various stakeholders involved (including potential buyers, lessees our client and influences, if necessary, colleagues to cooperate in the optimum timing of the sale.
-Selects the most favourable party and completes the sale after receiving approval from the manager, and, in the event of early termination, supervised by FR&R in terms of legal issues and timing.

Asset values

Provides insight into the actual value of assets, in compliance with the Asset Management policy, so as to ensure that plans can be made involving the asset in question and the RVM can be adjusted if necessary.
-Inspects clients’ assets and assesses the status and operational reliability of the asset(s).
-Estimates the price at which the asset(s) could be sold and how this price relates to the market price.
-Incorporates observations into a report on the de facto value of the asset(s).

Market insight

Provides insight into the markets to be investigated, in accordance with the objectives and strategy of our client, so as to ensure that Asset Management, Marketing and Sales are well prepared for market trends.
- Tracks and analyses market trends and asset trends in relation to the lease portfolio managed by our client
-Forms an opinion on trends in the market and the lease portfolio in relation to any modifications that might be required to the residual value environment; investigations and focus by Sales.
-Develops proposals and provides information regarding markets to be investigated for Asset Management, Marketing and Sales, and manages to persuade colleagues of his opinion.

Systems data

Updates data in the system related to ETM, sales transactions, inspections and market research, in accordance with the needs of the organisation, so that this data is accessible to colleagues in Asset Management and the organisation as a whole.
- Selects relevant data in order to update data in the systems.
-Structures and enters this data.
-Checks that the data is up-to-date and makes changes where necessary.


Candidate Profile

You should be able to work from offices in central London & have worked ideally for a bank asset financier or possibly a boutique middle ticket advisor or major broker in an asset management capacity

Plus possess :

•Knowledge of asset management, assets and asset environments and asset appraisal.
•Knowledge of national and international economic, society and industry-specific trends.
•Evidence of ability to learn objectives, strategy, structure, risk policies, products and services, the lending and account management process and compliance guidelines of our client and its risk guidelines
•Knowledge of UK asset finance
•Knowledge of the UK lease market and the products most commonly used in the UK.
•Willingness to travel occasionally into western europe to liaise with supporting departments.
•Eagerness to learn and self-develop.
•Good/strong Risk knowledge.

Salary range up to £60,000 initially , plus all bank benefits

Contact:: Sean Toms
Phone:: + 44 ( 0 ) 1743.821472