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LeasePlan Corporation N.V has reached a record level of 1.5 million vehicles worldwide, a landmark it considers as confirming its global market leadership. Across the 32 countries where LeasePlan operates, its worldwide fleet has recently surpassed the 1.5 million mark compared to 1.3 million vehicles in 2010. This is an 8 percent year on year increase in the number of vehicles under LeasePlan management, which numbered 1.4 million at end-September 2014.

Nick Salkeld, Chief Commercial Officer at LeasePlan, “Being the first company in our industry to reach the 1.5 million vehicle landmark confirms once again our global market leadership and underlines the success of our growth strategy. We do not however just want to be market leaders in fleet size - this landmark also confirms the confidence that our customers have in our company and the great team of LeasePlan people in all our countries who deliver our services worldwide. We want to continue to be market leaders in all that we do: in customer service, in product innovation and in the driver mobility solutions we offer. And we are not complacent. We will continue with our drive for growth, for customer service excellence and our commitment to lead the market in making the lives of our customers easier.”

In recent years LeasePlan has increasingly focused on delivering new, innovative service offerings for SMEs. As a result, SME has become LeasePlan’s fastest-growing client segment, reaching double digit growth, up 11 percent year on year, fuelling the expansion of the company’s global fleet. Large international clients remain an important segment, served by LeasePlan International. This business has too expanded, with 8 percent growth year on year. Furthermore, the growth of LeasePlan’s worldwide fleet is also due to its strong corporate client base, which has grown 6 percent globally compared to the same time last year.

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