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Cassiopae sponsors ZPL



Cassiopae has announced that it recently sponsored the 20th Anniversary Conference of the Polish Leasing Association (“ZPL”) on May 28-29 in Poland. ZPL publishes a quarterly, semi-annual, and annual compilation of statistics relating to the leasing market. The Association represents the most serious and reliable source of information in Poland about the leasing industry. The report published for the ZPL 20th anniversary was also sponsored by Cassiopae.

The Polish Association of Leasing companies brings together 32 companies that represent 90 percent of the Polish leasing market. ZPL is a member of Leaseurope, an organization of 44 associations from 34 European countries. As a market of 40 million people, Poland and its Leasing Association in the automotive working group of Leaseurope have a direct impact on European Commission regulations for the leasing market. ZPL represents the interests of its members collaborating with numerous business organizations including: the Polish Banks Association, the National Chamber of Commerce, and the Polish Confederation Lewiatan, an organization of private employers.

Speaking at the event, Igor Szabados, Cassiopae’s Regional Business Development Director, highlighted Cassiopae’s commitment to the region. The company has an office in Warsaw and business relationships with local partners. Cassiopae’s leasing and loan software implementations in Central and Eastern Europe include some of the major leasing and fleet companies in Austria, Belarus, Czech Republic, Hungary, Moldova, Poland, Russia, Romania, Serbia and Slovakia. Cassiopae software is currently in the User Acceptance Testing phase at two projects in Poland. “The Polish leasing market is eagerly awaiting news about Cassiopae’s latest project, considered to be the first international front-to-back leasing system in Poland,” said Szabados. “We have worked with local partners and have integrated the unique multicurrency and road tax management requirements particular to the Polish market,” he added.

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