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HTB in Game of Thrones



Hampshire Trust Bank has reached out to a sample of its broker panel in a feedback-gathering exercise ahead of carrying out its ambitious 2019 plans in new asset classes.

On Tuesday 11th December, more than a dozen brokers met in the boardroom of Hampshire Trust Bank's Bishopsgate office to give the company feedback. While Leasing World was not in the room, and so is unable to report how the discussion proressed, the opportunity for transparency and the willingness to listen was clearly welcomed by the brokers present.

The baroque decor of the Temple in the nearby Andaz hotel provided the Game of Thrones style backdrop for a Christmas lunch afterwards. Marble pillars and actual leather thrones fitted with the party balloons and Christmas crackers, SKM Asset Finance being the only ones to wear the paper hats properly.

We'd like to record our thanks to Jon Maycock, Vincenzo Scalzone and all the HTB staff who put on a great event that ran on deep into the evening. And we'll have a fuller report - including coverage of the boardroom presentation and ensuing discussions - in the January issue of BrokerWorld magazine.

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